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Office365 is the provision of Microsoft’s services in the cloud. We’ve been providing and supporting Microsoft Office365 since before it was called Office365. iTeam can help you migrate to Office365, manage and maintain it and assist you in become more productive using it.

What is Office365 and the Cloud?

Use Microsoft’s servers instead of having your own to provide email and collaboration capabilities.

Why use iTeam?

We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. We can sell Office365 licences on a monthly basis without a yearly commitment

What else can I do?

Add backup, cloud-based email signatures, managed email security and email continuity.

Office365 is the cloud provision of email, collaboration and instant messaging services.

Office365 is an example of a true cloud service. Instead of an initial capital outlay to buy your own servers, you use the provider’s servers and connect to the service by the internet. You only pay only for the amount of the service you need – that is to say you only buy the licences you require. Paying monthly you can increase or decrease the number of licences as required. You do not need to worry about whether you have purchased the right sized server to cope with the growth of your organisation; add as many licences as you need when you need them.

There are 3 main versions of Office365 most likely to be used in a small or mid-sized organisation are:

Exchange Online – Email, calendars and contacts using the cloud, that replaces you on premises Exchange server
Business Essentials – Exchange Online plus Sharepoint for document storage and sharing and Skype for Business for instant messaging and easy video conferencing.
Business Premium – Business Essentials plus the provision of Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote). You no longer have to buy this software outright as a capital cost but pay monthly as an Office365 subscription.

Why iTeam and Office365?

Experience – We have migrated many clients from on premises Exchange servers (both Small Business Server and standard Exchange) to Office365.

Cloud Solution Provider – As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partner we are able to invoice our clients direct and on a monthly basis with no annual commitment.

Additional Services

Exclaimer Signatures – A centralised and easy to manage cloud-based solution for the provision of email signatures for Office365. Be assured that all staff are using the correct signatures and add the same signature no matter how they send email – Outlook, Webmail or smartphone – as the signature gets added after they press send. Change all signatures easily and use email signatures to promote special offers.

Managed Email Security – Our solution includes a multi-layer filter for identifying infected, malicious or spam email, and provides an email continuity solution should the Microsoft cloud let everyone else down.

Backup– We can provide a third party backup system for Office365 email and Sharepoint to provide the reassurance that you have better options should disaster (or a rogue delete key) strike.

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Contact us to find out how our Office365 and our other cloud based services can benefit your organisation.

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