Cyber Security
= Total Secure Systems Management

We have brought together several layers of cyber security measures that all add up to provide compliance with the Cyber Essentials standard. We call this additional support contract add-on Total Secure Systems Management – TSSM.

iTeam Solutions are Cyber Essentials Certified


Cyber Essentials

Devised by the National Cyber Security Centre Cyber Essentials helps you guard against 80% of all cyber threats

Why gain the standard

Demonstrate your commitment to cyber security and required for some supply chains

Cyber Awareness Training

Your users are your first line of defence. Teach them about the threats and reduce the risks

Increase your security

TSSM is the way to increase your cyber security to counter the ever-increasing threats.

Total Secure Systems Management

TSSM is our cyber security add-on to our standard support contract. It includes several additional layers that together add up to Cyber Essentials compliance.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials was devised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) which is part of GCHQ and is a security standard set up to provide an alternative for small and mid-sized organisations to the ISO 27001 computer security standard.
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80% of all cyber attacks can be stopped using the steps required for Cyber Essentials compliance.

Why gain the standard?

Currently organisations wanting to bid for government contracts relating to IT or requiring the use of personal information or indeed deal with the MOD in any capacity whatsoever must have the Cyber Essentials standard. Even if you do not require this now, you may do in the future.

It is a good basic standard to demonstrate that you take cyber security seriously to your suppliers and clients using the Cyber Essentials badge on your literature, email signatures and website. Subject to certain conditions, when your organisation gains the standard you’ll get £25000 Cyber Insurance free of charge.

Why use iTeam to help you gain Cyber Essentials?

Not only are we Cyber Essentials certified ourselves, but we are a Cyber Essentials certification body which means we are allowed to certify other companies. We know what is required because we are trained to mark and certify Cyber Essentials submissions.

What is included in TSSM?

TSSM includes the following technical measures and our time to help you create and submit your application.

  • Patch management for your workstations to ensure your operating system software is up to date with all the updates (patches) that have been released
  • Web Content Filtering which restricts users from browsing to unsafe websites
  • Secure password management system providing your staff with a secure alternative to storing passwords where they pose a risk.
  • Managed email security protection system – cloud based spam and malicious email protection and email continuity system

User Awareness Training

We believe that training your users on the current risks that cyber threats pose to your network and your data is the most important aspect of cyber security. Your users are your first line of defence against cyber criminals so give them the information they need to safeguard your data.

Depending upon your requirements and systems in place, you may also need the following technical measures that are not part of the TSSM add-in as standard:

  • Upgraded Firewall – protects your network from the internet. Should be a business grade device.
  • Full Disk Encryption – encrypts the device in case of theft to prevent fraudulent access to your data
  • Mobile Device Management – software to protect your smartphones and tablets should you use them in your business.


TSSM is available as an add-on to our standard TSM support contracts. TSSM pricing is simple. There is a charge per workstation and per user per month. We don’t publish our prices on our website but if you’d like to consider working together please contact us to arrange a visit.

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