Useful security tools

Check the security of your email address and discover how to simplify password management.

Breach Check

Enter your email in the form shown and immediately discover if your email address is contained within any known breaches.

If breaches are found – update the passwords used on those sites ASAP and if the same combination of email and password are used on other sites update those too. Be vigilant of any communications from sites that use those passwords. Alert your IT support provider if you have one. Alternatively click here to find out how iTeam can help with your cybersecurity.

Want to make it easy to manage use of secure passwords in your organisation…?

Having tried many potential solutions Keeper is our choice. The award winning solution reduces the challenge of creating and storing unique passwords across your organisation enabling quicker access to any site requiring a login. It lets you:

  • Create, centralise and share strong passwords and 2FA generation within your organisation. Control who has access to what.
  • Automatically populate username and password fields when opening sites from the Keeper App or browser add-in, including sites using two factor authentication.
  • Its ‘Breachwatch’ monitoring alerts you to passwords at-risk or that have reached the Dark Web

Your cybersecurity relies on strong passwords – Keeper both enables and simplifies this.

Call 0117 944 4949 option 5 to find out more about how iTeam can help your organisation stay safe online more simply, or use the link below.

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