912 people trust us to keep their business running every day

iTeam is a Managed Service Provider. We provide IT Support and Cyber Security Solutions to small and mid-sized organisations.


We’re based between Bristol and Bath and cover a wide area of the South and South West.


We’ve been providing business IT support for over 14 years. We hold several industry recognised certifications and are a Cyber Essentials Certification Body.

Our Methods

We use monitoring systems, helpdesk and remote support to look after business IT systems, and whilst we’ve always had security in mind, cyber security is now increasingly important to us and our clients.

Our Principles

iTeam’s basic principles have never changed since we started business in 2004:

Care: to always care about what we do and to always care that our clients’ IT systems are working as they should.

Experience: though we use state of the art systems and software to manage our helpdesk and monitor our clients’ networks, servers and PCs, what’s most important is our own extensive experience and knowledge of business IT.

Focus:  our focus on your IT means that you can focus on your business. Business IT is all we do (admittedly all aspects of business IT – but we don’t do B2C).

Practice What We Preach

We’re a small business too – set up and still run by the two directors, David Hewett and James Reed. (And we intend to keep it that way.) Our internal systems are designed for the job – we use systems to manage our services that are specifically designed for our industry. We use the cloud where it is sensible to do so, and on-premises systems where that makes sense. Our processes are documented and we take information security very seriously. Anything we are likely to advise you on we’re doing ourselves.

Data Protection

We are an IASME Gold Certified company. This is a governance standard that demonstrates that we are taking good steps to properly protect your information.

  • At iTeam GDPR means Giving Data Proper Respect. We do that.
  • Our staff are contractually bound to adhere to privacy rules regarding disclosure of information they may see during the course of their work.

Care for the Environment

We fix most problems over the phone or by using our remote control software. This not only means our service is quick, it’s green too. We won’t jump into a van and come to your site at the drop of a hat; we’ll keep visits to your office to those planned occasions when it is both necessary and convenient.

Using a registered waste disposal partner, we can securely dispose and recycle old IT equipment to comply with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive.

To find out where we are and how to contact us, please go to our contact page.

You may also be interested in our partnerships, please look at our partners page.

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