Voice Over IP and Remote Working

VOIP telephones use the internet to make and receive calls and connect seamlessly to the normal telephone system. A cloud VOIP system has no other telephone equipment in your office other than the handsets and everything is configured and managed online.

For remote working, our VOIP solution combines traditional telephone features with a total communications solution you can use from any browser to chat, call, or even videoconference with colleagues and clients

Normal Handsets

You have normal-looking telephone handsets on your desks. Phone anyone – not just other VOIP systems – just like a traditional phone system.

Fully Featured

Auto attendant, fully configurable ring patterns, voicemail, simultaneous ring with mobiles and much more.
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Remote Working

With our Wildix solution, you and your team can work from home with all the efficiency and presence of being in the office.

VOIP Telephone handset with screen - available from iTeam Solutions BristolVoice, Collaboration and Remote Working – all in one solution

Our Wildix VOIP solution provides all the features, reliability and handset types of a traditional advanced telephone system but with advantages that can help your business achieve more wherever you’re working.

  • Make and receive calls from any device connected to the internet – laptop, tablet, smartphone. Team members don’t need a handset.
  • Browser based integration allows voice, chat, video and desktop sharing– no additional software needed for your team or your customers. Unique to Wildix
  • Customers can initiate a call from your website.
  • Employee presence status can be displayed via browser and on selected handsets.
  • Cloud based administration of the system – no additional office based hardware required.
  • Secure by Design

Wildix Partner Logo - iTeam Solutions BristolThe ability to work remotely has proven benefits for businesses, employees and the environment. Our Wildix solution gives access to Enterprise level systems to any sized business.

Network and Connection Requirements

Depending upon the speed of your existing internet connection, you may need a new dedicated connection for your new VOIP system.

The phones require power. It is possible to provide power through the network cable to avoid the need for a separate power adapter for each phone. This is called POE (Power Over Ethernet).
We can advise you about both internet and network connections.

Find out more

Contact iTeam to discuss your VOIP business phone system and remote working requirements.

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