Voice Over IP

VOIP telephones use the internet to make and receive calls and connect seamlessly to the normal telephone system. A cloud VOIP system has no other telephone equipment in your office other than the handsets and everything is configured and managed online.

Normal Handsets

You have normal-looking telephone handsets on your desks. Phone anyone – not just other VOIP systems – just like a traditional phone system.

Fully Featured

Auto attendant, fully configurable ring patterns, voicemail, simultaneous ring with mobiles and much more.

Inclusive Calls

Our Nimbus UC system includes 500 minutes to landlines and 200 minutes to mobiles per handset per month.

Take advantage of VOIP

We provide and maintain a cloud VOIP telephone system called Nimbus UC. It is a complete telephony system for business and provides a comprehensive range of facilities and features, helping you to improve your productivity and corporate image at an affordable price. Using it is just like using a traditional telephone.

Your calls are made and received over your internet connection and the system is configured through a web portal.

Nimbus UC is ideal for all sizes of business, whether you operate from one location or multiple sites. It allows you to link your office phones to mobiles, so it is also ideal for businesses whose employees are regularly on the move.

With Nimbus UC there are no hidden extras. Nimbus UC comes as a fully featured system as standard, and the administrative features make it easy to manage, and monitor your telephone usage, performance and costs.

Nimbus UC is provided by our telephony partner, Channel Telecom, and you would have a contract direct with them. They would invoice you for their part of the initial set up and the supply of the handsets, and on an ongoing basis for the monthly charges.

Network and Connection Requirements

Depending upon the speed of your existing internet connection, you may need a new dedicated connection for your new VOIP system.

The phones require power. It is possible to provide power through the network cable to avoid the need for a separate power adapter for each phone. This is called POE (Power Over Ethernet).
We can advise you about both internet and network connections.

Simple Pricing

Nimbus UC pricing is simple – a monthly licence per handset and either buy handsets outright or add a monthly rental. Call costs equivalent to 500 landline minutes and 200 minutes of calls to mobiles per handset per month is included, and pooled between all your handsets.

Find out more

Contact iTeam to discuss your VOIP business phone system requirements.

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