VoIP Advice and Solutions

Voice Over IP – using the Internet to make and receive phone calls.

Here at iTeam we specialise in VoIP telephone systems – for transmitting your phone calls using your data network and the Internet.

There are several advantages of a VoIP phone system over a traditional one:

  • The number of concurrent calls is limited only by the bandwidth available on your Internet connection so you do not have to purchase a telephone line for every concurrent call.
  • A VoIP phone system has many more features built-in than a traditional system.
  • Implementation is quick and easy – it only needs an internet connection to work.

Added support

In the event of a problem with your internet connection or phone system, or if you simply cannot get into the office for any reason, all your calls can be simply redirected to a different number of your choice.

Once we have configured and implemented VoIP, we will continue to support your phone system with our high quality fully managed support contracts.

Our VoIP partners:

To provide VoIP networking services, we work with Dorset based ITSP VoIP Unlimited. This preferred supplier is a SIP trunk IP telephony specialist that has been providing VoIP services to our customers for over 4 years. Their expertise in the business grade provision of both SIP trunks and dedicated VoIP internet connections is second to none and coupled with the reliability of their network, they make an ideal partner in the next generation telephony market.

We have been installing and supporting Epygi phone systems for more that 4 years. We think they provide excellent functionality and reliability.

Cisco are a very well respected brand in the field of computer networking hardware, and their VoIP systems for small and mid-size businesses provide a stable, scalable and dependable platform upon which to build a VoIP system for a growing business.

Please call us on 0117 944 4949 or use our contact form to arrange a demo of either an Epygi or Cisco VoIP phone system, and to discuss your telephony requirements. We have provided advice and solutions for businesses in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area including Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire.