In 2018, data breaches cost UK businesses an average of £6.4 million.
Human error, 
in the meantime, accounted between 60% and 90% of them.
Those facts alone are usually enough to 
persuade people security awareness training is very important.

As a Managed Service Provider, we can only advise our Client base of the advantages of why they need to introduce Security Awareness Training, sooner rather than later.


1. Dodge Data breaches and Cyber Attacks

Commencing with the most plausible, security awareness training helps counter business destroying data breaches.

The exact number of breaches security awareness training prevents is impossible to count. In an ideal world, we’d be able to run a controlled trial in which the exact same people working for the exact same company were divided in half: a control & a test group. The latter would be given training, the former would not. The two could then be compared to see the variation in security knowledge.

Such a situation is not quite achievable – but that doesn’t mean advanced security awareness training providers are unable to explain the ROI of security awareness software. Although an imperfect measure, it’s possible to measure the incidence and prevalence of breaches pre & post-awareness campaigns and use the resulting metrics to glean an indication of ROI.

This is your first line of security. If someone wants to access your device, they will first need to break this barrier. This is not an easy task and can serve as a deterrent against theft. Some device manufacturers have an option to automatically wipe your device after a few unsuccessful attempts at your passcode or pin; so, even if your phone is stolen, your data cannot be accessed. For this reason, you should consider mobile device management for your users.

2. To influence company culture in security methods

A culture of security has long been the motherboard for chief information security officers. Equally, such a culture is seen to be very challenging to achieve.

With the aid of security awareness training, some are heading in the right path to gain this dependable stronghold reputation.

By keeping an eye on indicators of culture, advanced security awareness training platforms can help security specialists monitor, nurture and develop a culture of security – making their people a proactive defence against threats.

3. To make technological defences stronger & more intelligent

Technological defences are, clearly, an important weapon in avoiding data breaches. But technological defences require input from people. Firewalls need to be turned onto maximum security. Security warnings need to be acknowledged. The software needs to be constantly updated and observed.

Few businesses today would wish of running without technological defences. And yet, without security awareness training, technological defences are not used anywhere near their full potential.

To make matters harsher, attackers today rarely bother attempting to penetrate businesses through purely technological means. Today’s attackers typically prefer to target people, who are sceptical but suffer from accidental clicking with lack of awareness of the destruction an email can do.


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