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Office365 – How to Change Your Password

January 5, 2015

If your email has been moved to Office365, which means that instead of a server in your office storing your email Microsoft’s Cloud servers are used instead, when you need to change your password, you will now connect to this Cloud server. Have a look below to see how do this.

You will need to know your Office365 username which is in the form of your email address and your existing Office365 password which is different to the password you use to log in to your computer before you try any of the following.

  1. Ensure that your Microsoft Outlook is closed.
  2. Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and enter the address:
  3. At the login screen, enter your username (Email Address) and password and click Sign in.
  4. If your password has expired, you will be prompted for your old one
  5. When logged into your account, click SETTINGS then OFFICE 365 SETTINGS
  6. On the left hand side of the page, click PASSWORD
  7. In the OLD PASSWORD field, enter your existing password.
  8. In both of the NEW PASSWORD fields, enter a new password.
  9. Click SAVE
  10. Click the user symbol then SIGN OUT
  11. Open Microsoft Outlook
  12. You will be prompted to enter your new password.
  13. Please ensure that you place a tick in REMEMBER MY CREDENTIALS

Please Note: You can download a copy of these instructions for your reference by clicking this link - Welcome to Office365 – 2015-01

David Hewett
David Hewett
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