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Cryptolocker Prevention

March 26, 2015

The CryptoLocker virus is still making the rounds and causing havoc.

We wrote a detailed article on this way back in November 2013 and you can read the details about it here

It is still making the rounds and is still as nasty as ever. The only sure way to recover data after an infection is to restore from a backup. It’s not possible to protect your network 100% from infections from CryptoLocker due to the nature of the process and we need you to be aware of what to do and what not to do.

This is our advice, so please make sure you pass this around to all your staff:

  • BE VIGILANT – You need to be vigilant when receiving emails from people you do not know that contain attachments. If in doubt just delete it. Please don’t forward it to us! Do not click on attachments in emails if you are not sure what they are.
  • TREAT WARNINGS SERIOUSLY – You need to ensure that your antivirus and antispam software is up to date and if you get any warnings about viruses, treat them seriously and get in touch with us immediately. We may need to restore a recent backup to retrieve a working copy of the encrypted files, so the same applies to backup messages.
  • BEWARE OF CONNECTING PERSONAL DATA – Beware of people transferring files to and from home using USB memory sticks, emailing documents to personal accounts, and Cloud storage such as Dropbox. Both your network and their home PCs are at risk – and their home PCs are likely not to have antivirus and antispam protection, or a good backup of their data.

Thanks very much – let’s be careful out there.

David Hewett

David Hewett
David Hewett
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